Stuffing Roulette

Who knew stuffing could be so dangerous?

On thanksgiving night, my family went and started to sit down for dinner
   When me being the extremely unlucky one had a wine glass crack in my hand!
yes, that is right, it just CRACKED right in my hand
    I got a towel to clean it up and...

                                                                                                  Reider yells "Anna, you ruined the stuffing!"
Yes, I spilled all of my martinelli's, and glass shards right in the stuffing.
It stunk.

We sat down, said our prayer and started to eat
the rest of my family started to warily pass around the stuffing
wondering who was going to chomp down on a peice of glass.

Yes, it was scary
BUT everything got funny when my mom added
"Did you know, they used to make people swallow glass to kill them?
And we continued on the conversation.
And no one got the peice of glass


My week is going splendid so far. 
Christmas Decor is going up
I got to go skiing today
But everything would go better if
my card reader was not broken!
That means no pictures until wednesday


Give Thanks!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!  It has been a crazy day, as always, here in the Martin household.  Cooking, Cleaning, shopping, decorating.  I am so excited for tomorrow, a day of football, food, and family. 

The table is set, and it looks just delicious!  I used pottery barn mercury glass votives, cinderella pumpkins, and silver birch candles for the decor.  The table cloth is gray toile from william sonoma. 
Here is a sneek peak:

I am thankful for YOU!  Readers make the blogging world go 'round!  Stay tuned for giveaways, crafts, and more coming up on Aria in the next few weeks!

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Meet Lena!

This is Lena, the Martin Family's newest addition!

I am sure you will be hearing alot about her, along with pictures, videos, and funny little stories.  She is a real sweetheart, and is SO smart.  Lena is one of Rosies puppies, and we are retaining her for our breeding program!